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Welcome to RammsteinNicCage's Rammstein site! There is a wide variety of Rammstein information and other goodies here including current and past news, German and English lyrics, tour dates for current and past shows with setlists and concert reviews, an extensive discography that includes albums, singles, books, videos, remixes, and more, audio/video/written interviews and press articles, the band's history and some biographical information about each member, fan art, wallpapers, screensavers, skins, and much more!

This is an unofficial Rammstein fansite that is in no way endorsed by Rammstein. Any content you find on this site can be used on your own site. I have no ownership over this material and am not going to pretend I do. Please credit anything you use from the fan area though to the original author.

Recent News

November 15, 2009

  • LIFAD "Indexed" in Germany
  • Ich tu dir weh Single?
  • Contest to see Rammstein Live
  • Setlists
  • Newsletter

October 19, 2009

  • Eastern European Tour Dates
  • Richard Interview
  • Newsletter
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